I’ve been using RVM (and gemsets) to manage my Rubies lately, to much success.

I however ran into the issue today of trying to install rspactor (think autotest on ‘roids) which depends on RubyCocoa to monitor changes to the filesystem.

As it would turn out, when you vanilla install a Ruby via RVM, RubyCocoa is unsupported.

To enable installation of RubyCocoa you’ll need to set a few flags during Ruby installation:

rvm install 1.8.7 --debug --reconfigure -C --enable-shared=yes

Then you are able to configure and install RubyCocoa as usual

cd path/to/rubycocoa/src
ruby install.rb config --build-universal=yes
ruby install.rb setup
ruby install.rb install

Thanks to a googled gist for the nudge(handholdingpush) in the right direction.

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