There are two things that immediately strike me as problematic when trying to talk to you (dear reader audience), and those are as such: ego and confidence. Perhaps with more concision that could be said as solely confidence. 

I need to feel good about what I’m saying to you personally, which I seldom do. I often reflect fondly upon things I’ve done or said or created in the past, but seldom at the moment (and the times I do, tend to be with crafts I’m more practiced in, writing not being one of them). So, here is an open effort to disregard that inkling of stfu that’s lurking back there.

Second, and more importantly (and perhaps encompassing the first) is confidence. I don’t know about you, but myself, as a student of all things and everything, am very seldom confident in… well, anything. Right? It would be foolish to be so. There are so many (brilliant) people out there, doing so many (brilliant) things, that are on levels that I can only begin to grasp, why should I think that anything I do is actually correct? (or even approaching being as such).

Perhaps the problem is even simpler than ego and confidence, it’s an issue of respect really. If you’re going to read what I’m putting forth here, it should be worth your time. When it’s something brief and obviously helpful (ie: found this in a google search, thanks bro!) then yes, I can justify breathing these words in front of you, when it’s me waxing philosophically about my current understanding of software (development), then it’s MUCH LESS OBVIOUSLY SO, to me.

From here on out I’m going to assume what I have to say matters with the hopes that one day it does. Sorry in the meantime, but I hope when we’re approaching the end of our journey you’ll forgive me (and that I’ve produced something of value to you).

TLDR: Fuck it, I need to brush up on my prose. (Also, wtf, c’mon, someone has to listen to me. You like hearing about monads from someone who doesn’t have a cs degree and hearing about life from someone who can’t figure it out, right?) 

(ending with a statement in parens is pretty lacking in emphasis)

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