This tutorial assumes a sane vim installation and the usage of pathogen and homebrew.

  1. Clone VimClojure into your vimbundles directory (which you should have for pathogen)

     git clone git:// /path/to/your/vimbundles
  2. Install the vimclojure-nailgun client

     brew install \
  3. Add the following to your .vimrc

     " VimClojure
     let g:vimclojure#HighlightBuiltins = 1
     let g:vimclojure#ParenRainbow = 1
     let g:vimclojure#WantNailgun = 1
  4. Regenerate and read the help tags!

     :helptags /path/to/your/vimbundles/VimClojure/doc
     :help VimClojure.txt
  5. … or if you’re feeling lazy, feel free to peruse my VimClojure Cheat Sheet
  6. Enjoy! Emacs users needn’t have all the fun, y’kno.

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